Nature Girl

Ana Manwaring finds inspiration on her acre of rural Northern California. Her poems reveal insights of the full moon and the eroticism in the pollination of trees. Take a walk with Nature Girl and fall in love with the denizens—crows, skunks, turkeys, deer, scrub jays,  and even the rodents— who populate these poems. 

Nick Triglia, poet,  author of My Religion and In the Shadow of the Postman

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The Question

What question wafts on the spring air
like feathered seed, trailing the chatter
of grey squirrels from the redwoods, twittering
with the finches in leafy hiding, awaiting
Sunday brunch at the feeder?
A question as iridescent and sleek
as that pair of crows, calling
plans for offspring growing
in eggshell sacks in a nest nearby.
Does the family of quail pecking
across the field answer? Or the ringed doves’
sacred songs, do they tell me the answer?