The JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventures

The Hydra Effect

Reeling from her breakup and dreading the emptiness at home, JadeAnne Stone and her dog, Pepper, head to Mexico City. Recruited by the alluring Anibal to assist in a purported DEA investigation lands JadeAnne in a maze of human trafficking, double dealing and violence. Help comes from Senator Aguirre’s associate, Jackman Quint, but at the cost of everything JadeAnne believes about her own life. Can she trust Quint? She uncovers the truth, but not before facing the ultimate betrayal.


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What people are saying about The Hydra Effect

“JadeAnne heads to Mexico City for a break from her partner and now ex-boyfriend. But her sharp intelligence, curiosity and inability to stay in her own lane land her in a snarl of trouble. In short order she’s evading drug cartel thugs, uncovering a human trafficking network and confronting high-level Mexican politicos with questionable connections, all in a lushly realized setting one can just about smell. And taste – JadeAnne might be in the middle of a gunfight, but she’s never immune to the temptation of a good plate of tacos al pastor. She and her loyal dog Pepper are a team you can’t help but cheer for.”
— Jan M. Flynn, author of Corpse Pose: and Other Tales

Coming in January 2020: Nothing Comes After Z  —  A JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventure

Set Up

When JadeAnne Stone and her German shepherd, Pepper, are kidnapped off a lonely highway in Mexico en route to locate a banker’s missing wife, she unwittingly enters a world of high-stakes oil politics, money laundering, and El Narco’s grab for power. JadeAnne finds the missing wife and realizes she’s been set up. To stay alive she must unravel the Aguirre family’s secrets. Who will she trust as loyalties shift and greed rules?


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What people are saying about Set Up

“This is a blowout of a story. It starts on the backroads of Mexico in the middle of the night – just a woman, a dog, and Mexican Banditos – and escalates from there. If you are looking for a fast-paced, action-filled thriller about the adventures of a young PI and her lethal but well-trained dog, this will be your cup of tea. Or should I say Margarita? Jack Reacher step aside. You have met your match in JadeAnne Stone.”
— Heather Haven, multi-award-winning author.

“A routine investigation takes a mysterious, chilling turn when JadeAnne is abducted at gunpoint then deposited in an opulent, albeit creepy manor. Moment-by-moment, her story unfolds in real time, as she experiences the sights, sounds and myriad flavors of Mexico, the underworld of political corruption and high-stakes criminal activity roiling beneath the surface. When nothing is as it appears, and no one can be trusted, Jade’s adrenaline surges—her mettle is tested, Told with humor and humility, grit and beauty, this page turner delivers.”
— JC Miller author of the bestseller, Vacation

“In her debut mystery novel, author Ana Manwaring offers up more twists and turns than aMexican rattlesnake. Fast paced, with well-crafted characters and a strong female lead, there’s plenty to like about this world of power, politics, and Mexican money laundering. I especially enjoyed the strong sense of place, which Manwaring uses to great effect. Well worth adding to your TBR pile.”
— Judy Penz Sheluk, Amazon international bestselling author

“I like JadeAnne. She is a complex and flawed hero, which makes her identifiable.”
— Lorna Collins author of Ghost Writer